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5 Causes and Treatment of Poor Stitches on Sewing Machines

Causes 1: Sewing noodles are floating Read More: Filament Sewing Thread Causes 2: Bottom sewing thread is floating Causes 3: Stitch length and duration Causes 4: Under the sewing material, there is a thread cover for each needle, in the shape of a towel sewing thread cover Causes 5: other reasons Read More: Thread for Sewing Machine

Size 138 Bonded Polyester Thread

12 common faults and solutions in the sewing process

4 Reasons and Solutions for Sewing Machine Needles When sewing the upper of the cloth fabric, we will find that two upper threads and the bottom thread are intertwined together from the reverse side, sometimes there is only one stitch, and sometimes several stitches are connected together. In the jargon of sewing machines, this phenomenon is called flower stitching. Needle.… Read More »12 common faults and solutions in the sewing process

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Five types of reasons and solutions for sewing machine broken needles

Reason Type 1#: Broken needle for sewing thick materials Reason Type 2#: Short stitches keep needles, long stitches break Reason Type 3#: The needle is broken under the needle plate Reason Type 4#: The needle breaks on the needle plate Read More: Filament Sewing Thread Reason Type 5#: Other 8 reasons Read More: Thread for Sewing Machine

Core Spun Polyester Sewing Thread

Why core spun threads should I use for denim?

Polyester staple fiber sewing thread is made of 100% polyurethane polyester staple fiber as raw material.It has high strength, good elasticity, wear resistance, low shrinkage and good chemical stability.

Single Needle vs Twin Needle Sewing

Single Needle vs Twin Needle Sewing

Double-needle sewing machines and single-needle are mainly used for sewing clothes. The difference between double-needle and single-needle sewing machines A single-needle sewing machine is also called a flat car, which has only one track line at a time. A double-needle sewing machine is also called a double-needle car, which has two evenly spaced tracks at a time. Double-needle sewing machine,… Read More »Single Needle vs Twin Needle Sewing

Why does BEABANG New Fiber’s Foamless Bonded Thread not contain oil?

With the rapid development of the industry, sewing needles are also being updated from one generation to the next. At present, the sewing industry has entered the era of high-speed sewing machines. High-speed sewing machines are characterized by fast sewing speeds and accurate stitch positioning, thereby increasing production efficiency and reducing the number of sewing machines. The number of workers.… Read More »Why does BEABANG New Fiber’s Foamless Bonded Thread not contain oil?